Here Are The Ultrasonic Cleaning Cases You’ve Never Heard About

Nowadays, in the age of electronics and spacecraft technologies, reliable radio communication means a lot. Replacing the solid state electronic devices significantly increases their reliability. But it’s a long process, and old tubes still have to work hard, despite the fact that they often fail to perform their function. Scientists have found that vacuum tube will serve six times longer in the manufacturing process, and it’s parts are now cleaned using ultrasound. The demand for ultrasound equipment has grown with time, and a win-win situation gave space for such innovators like Hilsonic, focusing on utlrasonic cleaner manufacturing, grow significantly in as little as a decade.

Industrial plants for cleaning electronic components find application in developing countries. The cleaning process is accelerated in some cases, hundreds of times, while achieving such a surface finish, which you can only dream of in all other ways. Experts Riga Central Design Bureau of mechanization and automation replace manual cleaning of the computer memory from pollution ultrasound. Parts installed in special cassettes (120-150 units) are immersed in an ultrasonic bath, where cleaned. The complexity is reduced by almost six times.

Beautiful statues of Venice covered with moth is a terrible marks left by smoke and soot – the scourge of a large modern city. Chief curator of Venetian monuments, consulting with scientists and engineers, has organized the cleaning campaign using ultrasound. Unlike sand blasting method ultrasound does not cause any harm to the marble, and the speed and quality of treatment are way higher. Scientists believe that ultrasound can help to preserve the unique historical monuments for long years to come.

If a movie film is used too frequently it eventually become useless with time. Fortunately, experts have learned the way to restore the tapes making them feel young again. But before starting the restoration, you need to reel rinse it well, and it’s not easy. Recently, some film distribution offices have upgraded their armories with advanced ultrasonic cleaning machines of different types of films and the approach paid for itself.

Ultrasonic method can be applied to washing fabrics, especially wool. Usually wool is heavily contaminated with fat and other organic substances. Soap and alkaline solutions degrade the quality of the fiber. With ultrasonic washing preserving the quality of the fiber is no longer that complicated mission. In addition, ultrasonic washing contributes to the destruction of various microorganisms in raw wool. The use of ultrasound machines is particularly effective for washing coarse, very dirty things when the normal washing has little use.

One of the Japanese firms developed ultrasonic washing machine that can be used as a home bath. Man sitting in it, doesn’t not need to do any movements: the machine itself will wash it, though in a very short time. It is unknown, however, whether such washing is good for you – advertising is silent about it.

Japan was also the home for invention of a washing machine that does not require soap and other detergents. Water in the tank of the machine is loaded via a special pump that saturates air bubbles that remove the dirt from fabric.